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“Scott’s ROI Method really makes it easy to understand what part of your business is lacking focus or attention or value.”

Marketing Influencer From Norway

There Are 3 Types of Entrepreneurs Me & My Team Work With


The R.O.I. Method ] for High Ticket Selling



How to Create a Compelling Marketing Message 

That Deeply Resonates with Your Ideal Clients


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Relevancy is your marketing message and your funnel. If the key to making a sale is having the right message to the right person at the right time and place… Relevancy is ensuring you have the right message to the right person.

We can break this down into three main components:

•    Offer

•    Positioning

•    Messaging


When these three things are not locked in, you will always struggle to generate leads, make sales, and grow your business. 

Your Offer is what you sell. To craft a compelling offer that your leads want, answer this question: “What is the biggest, most impactful transformation you can provide for someone?” Then ask yourself how you can deliver that transformation. 

Your Positioning is how you differentiate yourself from the competition. Essentially, it’s showing your unfair advantage and the proven process you use to get your clients results.

Your Messaging is how you communicate your offer to your audience. It’s the journey you take YOUR prospect on, to show them what your offer does for them, and how they will benefit if they take you up on it. You align your messaging with your lead’s mindset, whether they’re in “discovery mode” or looking to buy.


How to Consistently Capture Your Prospect’s Attention 

By Showing Up Every Single Day


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Omnipresence is the ability to make your audience feel like they are always seeing your content wherever they go.

It does not mean being everywhere to everyone in the world, but only to those who are the  ideal fit for what you do. That could be a small audience of 2,000 people or a larger niche of 20,000.

Omnipresence is the key to dominating the newsfeed and screen of your audience and making your prospects feel like you’re everywhere.

There are 3 components to omnipresence:

•    Timing

•    Frequency

•    Platform


Omnipresence is about focusing most of your ad budget on someone after they become a lead. By becoming a “big fish in a small pond” you erase competition and become the only authority in their life simply because you’re the one who always shows up for them.

Timing. Omnipresence is about showing up at the right time. When someone needs your solution, there you are. You accomplish this by being consistent. Which is why the 2nd component of omnipresence is…

Frequency.  We don’t try and show up magically when they’re ready to make a decision. We show up consistently, in a way that offers value and builds a relationship.

Platform. And finally, you become Omnipresent with the right platform. For many people, omnipresence starts with retargeting and advertising on Facebook.

“The R.O.I. Method as a content strategy and a way to build relationships and build the brand super fast is probably the best I’ve seen out there.

Sold With Video


How to Make Your Audience Feel Deeply Connected 

To You And Your Message


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Intimacy is all about creating real relationships.

This is crucial when you’re selling high-ticket programs and services. If you’re committed to serving at your highest level and providing transformation, you need a high level of Intimacy to be able to support your clients properly.

When we think about Intimacy, we’re talking about these three things:

•    Connection

•    Conversation

•    Community


Intimacy is the missing human component in your marketing. People want to do business with other people, not automated technology. When you focus on Intimacy, you create solid connections with your audience that lead to higher sales. Furthermore, when you include Intimacy in your program offering, you’re able to produce the highest level of transformation for your clients and customers.

Connection. This means you’re being honest with your audience about what’s really going on in your life and business. You’re real. You open up about things, and get vulnerable. You allow people see that you’re a human being. 

Conversation. When you create Conversations, it means you actually make an effort to talk to members of your audience. Respond to their emails. Reply to comments. Curate discussion in your Facebook groups. Care about your people enough to have deep conversations with them.

Community. When you create Community, you build a safe space for your audience to network, support each other, and interact with you and your content. Humans have always needed community. Build a tribe that you support and who supports you in return.

“With the R.O.I. Method, you can show up in a highly relevant, highly focused way to exactly the right people, at exactly the right time, who have exactly the problem that you solve...and you will start to monetize your audience so fast, your head will spin!"

Do It! Marketing

How to Attract The Right Clients Who Pay What You’re Worth and Are Connected to Your Message 

This is what happens when you start implementing R.O.I.


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When you start using R.O.I., you start attracting the right people, who happily pay what you’re worth, and who are solidly connected to you and your mission.

We call this charging the Perfect Price, working with the Perfect Client, and forging the Perfect Connection.

For high-ticket sales, this is crucial. This is the key to becoming and staying profitable: by charging higher-ticket offerings that are focused on only the people who can get massive results. 

When you start this process and go deeper with R.O.I. for high-ticket selling...

...the combined power of these three elements is overwhelming.

Something incredible happens.

It’s called...




How to Monetize Your Audience and Unleash an Explosion of Growth In Your Business 


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The first thing that happens when the Nuclear Effect starts to take over is you realize how much wealth is available in your existing audience…

...and as you unlock your ability to truly serve your prospects, you start to release that built-up “energy”.


That’s how Rachel and Ross went from $20k/month to hitting their first $90k month in just 30 days.

Or how Pat Brewer suddenly skyrocketed from $25k/month to hitting multiple $100k months. 


When This Happens, The Nuclear Effect Starts Taking Over

You start a chain reaction.

The concept of a nuclear chain reaction was first introduced in 1933 by Leó Szilárd, a Hungarian scientist who theorized that, under the right circumstances...

A nuclear reaction could become self-sustaining. And unleash a series of subsequent nuclear reactions that create a rapid, exponential increase in energy. 

When the R.O.I. Method creates The Nuclear Effect in your business, we're harnessing Nature's blueprint for massive growth.

This self-sustaining chain reaction grows the 3 Currencies of Business:

You grow a bigger, more engaged, and more powerful Audience. You get more social proof because of the size of your audience. You have a larger platform to get your message out. When you need to hire, you have access to a pool of people who already know you and your message. And, you’re able to profitably launch new products and services on demand.

You make more sales and generate more Revenue. You are able to effortlessly close deals. And since you can charge the Perfect Price, you’re able to create cashflow that allows you to both grow and take profit out of the business.

You create deeper, more meaningful Relationships. 1-on-1 Relationships are deeper than those with your audience members. And when you have a growing business and audience behind you, you get access to better, more profitable partnerships. You find yourself getting into media outlets and leveraging PR. You have a network strong enough to build a powerful Mastermind, and you get access to new, exciting opportunities.

Simply put, these are the three currencies that have been missing from your business.

This is what online marketing has completely overlooked.

And this is what’s going to help you build a foundation for 7-figures and beyond that, for a multi-7 figure business.

And make you the #1 go-to expert in your niche nearly overnight.

How to Go Nuclear in Your Industry

In The Next 90 Days


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Just ask Katya Varbanova.

Before she began implementing R.O.I. in her business, Katya averaged $25k/month. 
Within 60 days of using this framework, she had her first $100k month.

And they all have used high-ticket offers to get the best results for their clients.

But each one of them committed to bringing together Relevancy, Omnipresence, and Intimacy and create massive results.

They have a proven, predictable system that works now and for years to come.

Which enables them to actually have the freedom they want in their business.

When you implement the ROI Method with a high-ticket offer, it changes everything.

Sunny Lenarduzzi was in the mid-6 figures when she started implementing the R.O.I. Method in 2016.

In 2017, she did 4x the revenue. And, with the relationships she’s built, 
she has begun securing popular speaking gigs, such as Traffic and Conversion 2018 and Social Media Marketing World. 

David Newman runs a marketing and consulting company exclusively for public speakers. When he started with the R.O.I. Method, he was generating around $30k-$40k a month. Now, his business is running at a sustainable 7-figure run rate and is only growing from there.

Each of these entrepreneurs were exactly where you are today.

They had trouble finding the right clients, or they weren't getting paid what they were worth.

Now, if you want these results, and you want to see the Nuclear Effect…

...so you can massively impact your audience with a high-ticket offer…

...exponentially grow your revenue…

...and create deeper, more meaningful relationships…

Then I want to help you implement R.O.I. inside your business within the next 90 days.

Those who have a high ticket offer, are generating between $20k-$50k/month, and are ready lay a foundation for 7 figures



So if you want to explore implementing the R.O.I Method with the help of me and my team…

...then apply here for a short 15-minute phone call, just to see if you’re a fit for one of our accelerated mentorship programs.


“I made back my investment in the program 3x over and I'm just getting started!”

"My goodness, was it a good experience! My favorite thing is you're paired up with a 1-on-1 coach, who helps you through the entire process. "


“$80k launch off a very small list!”

"I was just doing 1-on-1 stuff prior to joining. Now, after Relevancy Engine I have the entire group program set up with all the marketing, automation, and sales team! I feel so confident in where we’re going and what our next steps are as the leader. I would have had NO CLUE without the Relevancy Engine."

“$I made my investment back in the first week!”

"Having a 1-on-1 Mentor in the Relevancy Engine was huge, and that’s leapfrogged my business forward and had a huge impact. I can’t recommend it highly enough!"


"2016...just shy of $500k. Last year? $1.1 million!"

“I’m actually getting emails and texts from people saying, 'Dude, you are everywhere!' This is more than the funnels and tactics and how to do Facebook ads and groups. What Scott helped me with was the mindset, the focus and the entrepreneurial therapy. If you're thinking about working with Scott or joining the Relevancy Engine...the answer is yes, yes, and yes!"


"The business quadrupled last year, which is really exciting!"

"We had no consistency before, and now we do. I've had so many people walk up to me at conferences and say, "Hey, I bought your course!" And it's like, this is a lot of people that I've been able to impact. It's very cool."


"I sold all 25 spots almost immediately"!

"Chris Winfield is an expert at getting entrepreneurs featured in the media. He used the principles of Relevancy, Omnipresence, and Intimacy, that are taught in the Relevancy Engine to immediately sell out all 25 spots of his new offer. Now, he’s able to reinvest the revenue from the pilot program into massive growth for his business."



Scott Oldford has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years, and has personally built 7 multi-million dollar businesses that have sold a combined $15 million worth of products and services. 

Well, one of them failed and put him $726,000 in debt...but he bounced back from that ;)

In fact, that experience has given him the knowledge and expertise to help entrepreneurs scale online. Instead of using the next great tactic, Scott relies on strategies developed from real experience in the marketplace. Having worked with everyone from solopreneurs to Fortune 500 companies, Scott has created a track record of massive results. 

Now, he specializes in helping high 6-figure and low 7-figure entrepreneurs double their revenue and profits in 12 months or less, without sacrificing a lifestyle or freedom and impact. He’s also helped nearly 50 business owners scale from 6 to 7-figures through his consulting company (itself a 7-figure business). Some of those entrepreneurs include Sunny Lenarduzzi who runs YouTube for Bosses, and David Newman of Do It! Marketing. Under Scott’s guidance and mentorship, Sunny more than 4x-ed her business in 2 months, and David grew from $500k in 2016 to $1.1 million in 2017. 

In 2017, Scott blew up his million dollar business, LeadCraft, after realizing it wasn’t in alignment with his beliefs and values. From the ashes, he launched The Relevancy Engine, targeted at those doing low to mid six-figures. This program helps entrepreneurs who are already making $20k/month double their income in 90 days or less using the ROI Method, and get on the path to 7-figures within 12 months.

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For more of Scott’s content and exclusive trainings, you can join the free R.O.I. Facebook group, exclusively for 6-figure entrepreneurs.

If you feel that building a business and attracting new clients should be based on illuminating their pain and not manipulating their insecurities...

If you understand that online marketing needs to be about giving value and being relevant at the right time and right place while being frequent and omnipresent to your potential customers...

If you believe that entrepreneurs have the LARGEST opportunity to change our world for the better...

Then the R.O.I. Method group is for you.


I’ve built a team of experienced entrepreneurs who can help you implement the R.O.I. Method for high ticket selling into your business. 

I believe in transformation,

not information.



Those who want to leverage a high-ticket offer to scale from $20k-$50k/month to 7 figures

Those who have a high-ticket offer, are above $50k/month and want to stabilize their cashflow to grow to multi-7 figures

(Right now, I don’t have a way to serve those entrepreneurs who are below $20k/month. I might in the future, but not at this time.) 

That means you have the support you need to truly transform and grow your business. Whether that means access to myself, or working with a 1-on-1 Entrepreneur mentor, or getting feedback from the other experts on the team…

We've got your back.

If you’re a 6-figure entrepreneur, who sells (or wants to sell) high-ticket, high-value products or services....

...then I want to introduce you to The R.O.I. Method. The method works specifically for selling High Ticket offers and allows you to quickly  monetize your audience, consistently generate new, quality leads, & start a chain reaction of growth in your business to generate more sales in less time.

R.O.I. stands for Relevancy, Omnipresence, and Intimacy. Watch the video below to get started learning how they work together to create "The Nuclear Effect" in your business.....

Want the Neclear Effect to take hold in your business? Apply here to see if we can help you.


Every Day. On Autopilot.

So You Can Spend More Time In Your Zone of Genius
(instead of always hustling to generate & chase down leads....)

How to Use The ROI Method to
Generate More High-Quality Leads For Your High-Ticket Offers