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Our Programs For Helping Entrepreneurs Like You]

“We were at $20k/month ($30k if we were lucky), and last month we did $90k!”

"If you’re teetering at that weird $20k/$30k month in your business and you’re just ready to go to the next level, and have $100k months, Scott and his team really know what instruments to employ in your business so that’s able to happen."

“Within 90 days of working with Scott, I had a $250,000 month”

"Not only was I having higher revenue days + months than ever before, I am able to be around a community of people doing big things in the world. I've never experienced anything like Project Nuclear before to be inspired by the vision, dedication, and results of the other entrepreneurs also in the program."

“Project Nuclear Is Who I Turned To When I Didn’t Know How To Get Beyond The $2.5 Million Plateau In My Business”

"Because of his Relevancy & Omnipresence & Intimacy strategy, I felt like I knew Scott and I trusted him. When his ROI Method worked on me, I knew it could also work for me in my business."

"It Took 6 Weeks for Project Nuclear to Pay For Itself….And We’ve Only Seen Increases in Profitability Since Then"

“Beyond making more money, the resources in Project Nuclear around Personal Development, Happiness, and Balance has been some of the biggest stuff for me. It’s great to be making more money, but it doesn’t matter if you’re miserable, not enjoying what you’re doing, and not getting to spend much time with family."

"I thought my upper limit was 'here'...we've completely exploded that."

"There truly is no ceiling now. I exploded my upper limit of what I thought I was capable of creating in this world. Project Nuclear is this amazing container that is helping entrepreneurs see how much they are capable of creating in this world & all the problems we can help solve."

"I spent 10x less after I implemented Omnipresence...but I made the same amount of revenue"

"I was making multiple 6 figures, but I didn't know what to do next. The whole team looked at our data and figured out what wasn't working. Now a 7 figure business isn't just possible...it's happening"


Scott Oldford has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years, and has personally built 7 multi-million dollar businesses that have sold a combined $15 million worth of products and services. 

Well, one of them failed and put him $726,000 in debt...but he bounced back from that ;)

In fact, that experience has given him the knowledge and expertise to help entrepreneurs scale online. Instead of using the next great tactic, Scott relies on strategies developed from real experience in the marketplace. Having worked with everyone from solopreneurs to Fortune 500 companies, Scott has created a track record of massive results. 

Now, he specializes in helping high 6-figure and low 7-figure entrepreneurs double their revenue and profits in 12 months or less, without sacrificing a lifestyle or freedom and impact. He’s also helped nearly 50 business owners scale from 6 to 7-figures through his consulting company (itself a 7-figure business). Some of those entrepreneurs include Sunny Lenarduzzi who runs YouTube for Bosses, and David Newman of Do It! Marketing. Under Scott’s guidance and mentorship, Sunny more than 4x-ed her business in 2 months, and David grew from $500k in 2016 to $1.1 million in 2017. 

In 2017, Scott blew up his million dollar business, LeadCraft, after realizing it wasn’t in alignment with his beliefs and values. From the ashes, he launched The Relevancy Engine, targeted at those doing low to mid six-figures. This program helps entrepreneurs who are already making $20k/month double their income in 90 days or less using the ROI Method, and get on the path to 7-figures within 12 months.

2. The R.O.I. Method

Have you discovered the power of the R.O.I. Method yet to quickly monetize your audience, drive more sales, and become the #1 leader in your niche?

Go here to see exactly how the Relevancy, Omnipresence, Intimacy Method has transformed the lives and businesses of hundreds of 6-figure entrepreneurs, in helping them scale multi-million dollar businesses.


The Relevancy Engine 

The Relevancy Engine is a 90 day program designed to help you create the fundamentals of a successful business and lay the groundwork for reaching 7-figures.

If you are currently generating at least $15k/month and want to create more leverage through creating a high-ticket offer or want to create more scale with your existing high-ticket offer ($3k+), The Relevancy Engine can help you get off the "Six-Figure Hamster Wheel".

Project Nuclear: Business Accelerator

Project Nuclear is an exclusive business accelerator for entrepreneurs who are generating over $50,000/month and are ready for exponential scale.  

Currently over 50 entrepreneurs are in Project Nuclear and are seeing "The Nuclear Effect" take hold in their businesses. This is NOT a Mastermind. It's an intensive business accelerator for entrepreneurs who want to create a sustainable, highly profitable business through upgrades in their marketing, mindset, sales, customer delivery, operations, and finance.


1. The 7-Figure Blueprint

This is a step-by-step system for identifying the largest obstacles in your path and crushing them quickly. Most entrepreneurs don’t realize that there are 6 pillars in a business, and you need to have a plan for all 6 to get to 7-figures+ and stay there. But when you strengthen these pillars, it has an exponential effect on your business. 


Here are the 2 key frameworks we use to help entrepreneurs build sustainable 7+ figure businesses


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